Databricks Cloud

A single platform for big data processing powered by Spark.

Exploration and Visualization

Explore, visualize, and publish insights with an interactive workspace.

Managed Spark Clusters

Provision Spark clusters in the cloud with just a few clicks.

Production Pipelines

Quickly move from exploration to complete production pipelines.

Third Party Apps

Power and easily deploy a broad array of third party applications.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark: sophisticated analytics at blazing speed.

Unified Platform

Seamlessly blend ETL, interactive queries,
machine learning and streaming analytics
using SQL, Python, Java, or Scala.


Benefit from the most active open source
project in the big data with 400+
contributors from 100+ organizations.

Rich Libraries

Built-in libraries for machine learning, graph
computation and more to simplify
development of data-driven applications.

We’re hiring

Join Databricks to work on some of the world’s most challenging Big Data problems.