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The best data warehouse is a lakehouse

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Databricks SQL (DB SQL) is a serverless data warehouse on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform that lets you run all your SQL and BI applications at scale with up to 12x better price/performance, a unified governance model, open formats and APIs, and your tools of choice – no lock-in.

Best price / performance

Lower costs, get best price/performance, and eliminate the need to manage, configure or scale cloud infrastructure with serverless.

Built-in governance

Establish one single copy for all your data using open standards, and one unified governance layer across all data teams using standard SQL.

Rich ecosystem

Use SQL and any tool like Fivetran, dbt, Power BI or Tableau along with Databricks to ingest, transform and query all your data in-place.

Break down silos

Empower every analyst to access the latest data faster for downstream real-time analytics, and go effortlessly from BI to ML.

Come funziona?

Seamless integrations with the ecosystem

Ease of use

Real-world performance

Governance centralizzata

Open and reliable data lake as the foundation

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Easily ingest, transform and orchestrate data from anywhere

Work with your data, no matter where it is. Turnkey capabilities allow analysts and analytic engineers to easily ingest data from anything like cloud storage to enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, or Marketo using Fivetran. It’s just one click away. Then, simply manage dependencies and transform data in-place with built-in ETL capabilities on the Lakehouse, or using your favorite tools like dbt on Databricks SQL for best-in-class performance.

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Modern analytics and BI with your tools of choice

Work seamlessly with the most popular BI tools like Tableau, Power BI and Looker. Now analysts can quickly visualize and analyze the freshest data with their favorite tools to discover new business insights on the most complete and freshest data. Databricks SQL also empowers every analyst to collaboratively query, find and share insights with the built-in SQL editor, visualizations and dashboards.

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Eliminate resource management with serverless compute

Databricks SQL serverless removes the need to manage, configure or scale cloud infrastructure on the Lakehouse, freeing up your data team for what they do best. Databricks SQL warehouses provide instant, elastic SQL compute — decoupled from storage — and will automatically scale to provide unlimited concurrency without disruption, for high concurrency use cases.

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Built from the ground up for best-in-class performance

Databricks SQL is packed with thousands of optimizations to provide you with the best performance for all your tools, query types and real-world applications. This includes the next-generation vectorized query engine Photon, which together with SQL warehouses, provides up to 12x better price/performance than other cloud data warehouses.

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Centrally store and govern all your data with standard SQL

Establish one single copy of all your data using open format Delta Lake to avoid data lock-in, and perform in-place analytics and ETL/ELT on your Lakehouse — no more data movements and copies in disjointed systems. Then, easily discover, secure and manage all your data with fine-grained governance, data lineage, and standard SQL across clouds with Databricks Unity Catalog.

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Built on a common data foundation, powered by the Lakehouse Platform

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform provides the most complete end-to-end data warehousing solution for all your modern analytics needs, and more. Get world-class performance at a fraction of the cost of cloud data warehouses. Speed up time from raw to actionable data at scale — and unify batch and streaming. Additionally, the Lakehouse lets data teams go from descriptive to predictive analytics effortlessly to uncover new insights.

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Up to 12x better price/performance than other cloud data warehouses

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Seamless integrations with the ecosystem means maximum flexibility for your data teams. Ingest business-critical data with Fivetran, transform it in-place with dbt, and find new insights with Power BI, Tableau or Looker, all without moving your data into a legacy data warehouse.

Data Ingestion and ETL

Governance dei dati

BI and Dashboards

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“Now more than ever, organizations need a data strategy that enables speed and agility to be adaptable. As organizations are rapidly moving their data to the cloud, we’re seeing growing interest in doing analytics on the data lake. Databricks SQL delivers an entirely new experience for customers to tap into insights from massive volumes of data with the performance, reliability and scale they need. We’re proud to partner with Databricks to bring that opportunity to life.”

— Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau

Customer stories

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Shell Logo
“Shell ha avviato la trasformazione digitale nell'ottica di fornire ai propri clienti una gamma più ampia di soluzioni energetiche più ecologiche. In questo contesto abbiamo investito pesantemente sulla nostra architettura data lake. La nostra ambizione è consentire ai nostri team di gestione dei dati di interrogare velocemente i nostri enormi set di dati nel modo più semplice possibile. La capacità di eseguire query rapide su dataset nell'ordine dei petabyte utilizzando strumenti BI standard cambia completamente il nostro modo di lavorare. Il nostro approccio di innovazione congiunta con Databricks ci consente di influenzare la roadmap dei prodotti e non vediamo l'ora che questa tecnologia arrivi sul mercato”.

— Dan Jeavons, General Manager — Data Science, Shell

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Abnormal Security usa Databricks Lakehouse per ridurre gli attacchi informatici via mail del 20%
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