Available on-demand

In this free on-demand training, we’ll provide a brief overview of data architecture concepts, an introduction to the lakehouse paradigm and an in-depth look at Delta Lake features and functionality. You’ll learn about applying software engineering principles with Databricks as we demonstrate how to build end-to-end OLAP data pipelines using Delta Lake for batch and streaming data. The course also discusses serving data to end users through aggregate tables and Databricks SQL.

Watch the training to learn:

  • Core characteristics of the lakehouse architecture
  • How Delta Lake supports the lakehouse architecture
  • How to build an end-to-end batch and streaming OLAP data pipeline using Delta Lake
  • How to follow specified design patterns to make data available for consumption by downstream stakeholders
  • Databricks’ recommended best practices in engineering a Delta design pattern

Recommended prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with data engineering concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Delta Lake core features and use cases