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TechX Vienna – Microsoft event

Regional Event

Vienna, Austria

Microsoft Austria's largest conference for IT decision makers, IT professionals and developers from the corporate environment!

Databricks Customer Cocktails | Sydney

Regional Event

Sydney, Australia

Join us for a year end get together on December 10th at this intimate, invite-only event for the best craft beer on the wharf.

Accelerate and Scale Joint Genotyping in the Cloud


To simplify this process, the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform for Genomics offers a fully managed implementation of the GATK4’s joint genotyping engine that takes less than 5 minutes to configure, improves CPU efficiency by 2x and seamlessly scales in the cloud.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • About the opportunities and challenges presented by multi-sample variant calling
  • How Databricks rearchitected the GATK4’s Joint Genotyping engine to leverage Apache Spark and Delta Lake to scale for larger cohorts while retaining high accuracy
  • Live demo of joint genotyping on the Databricks Genomics Runtime, demonstrating how joint genotyping can be set up in less than 5 minutes in the cloud
  • How joint genotyping can be combined with Project Glow—open source software jointly developed by Databricks and the Regeneron
  • Genetics Center—to rapidly move into tertiary analytics on genotype data

Geospatial Analytics and AI at Scale in Public Sector


Today, government agencies have access to massive volumes of geospatial data. By applying advanced analytics to these datasets, agencies can deliver on a broad range of use cases from transportation planning to disaster recovery and population health management.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Top geospatial use cases in Public Sector spanning public safety, defense, infrastructure management, health services, fraud prevention and more
  • Challenges analyzing large volumes of geospatial data with legacy architectures
  • How Databricks and open-source tools can be used to overcome these challenges in the cloud
  • Live demos:
    • Geospatial Data Prep: Ingesting and joining millions of vehicle rides for spatial analysis on taxi pickup and dropoff patterns
    • Geospatial Deep Learning: Detecting objects with deep learning on satellite imagery

Spark+AI Meet-up | London | Deploying Machine Learning Models to Production at Scale


London, UK

Join us for the next Apache Spark London Meetup! We have a machine learning focussed session this time. As usual there will be some food and refreshments and an opportunity to network as well as some great talks! So join us for an evening of Apache Spark+AI!

Talks: Understanding Depop's Inventory: Our Journey into Image Recognition with Clemence Burnichon, Lead Data Science at Depop; Managing the Machine Learning Lifecycle at scale with MLflow with Matt Thomson, Lead Data Science EMEA, Databricks

Powerful Pairings: Databricks and Tableau | Singapore

Partner Event


In this morning briefing, we’ll take a look at both Databricks and Tableau, and show how the two combine to allow a deeper analysis combining exploratory analysis, visualization and repeatable data science.

Databricks Customer Cocktails | Melbourne

Regional Event

Melbourne, Australia

Join us for a year-end get together on December 11th at this intimate, invite-only event for the best craft beer in Melbourne at the iconic Garden State hotel.

Women in Data & AI, Munich

Regional Event

Munich, Germany

Databricks and Microsoft would like to invite you to a special Drinks and Data event on 11th December at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH. We are aiming to help connect and empower women in Data Science, AI and ML, and their allies.

Data Governance and Data Security for Cloud Analytics


Join Databricks and Immuta for a webinar as we explore this common challenge facing data science teams and discuss how this innovative blend of technology can make your team more productive and compliant with secure self-service access to data.

Delta Lake Hands-On Lab | Toronto

Regional Event

Toronto, ON

Join this hands-on lab to learn how Delta Lake can help you build robust production data pipelines at scale. Delta Lake is an open source storage layer that brings reliability to data lakes. It has numerous reliability features including ACID transactions, scalable metadata handling, and unified streaming and batch data processing.