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Data Analytics and Machine Learning for the Government

Harness the power of big data and AI to improve government services, fight threats and reduce waste

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Build a Better Government with Data Analytics and AI

Enable government agencies 
to leverage data analytics, machine learning and AI to make smarter, faster decisions — powered by the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform.

Defense and Public Safety

Detect and prevent criminal activities, 
cyberattacks and national threats with real-time analytics and machine learning

Smarter Social Services

Predict the needs of citizens, fight fraud and 
reduce waste by analyzing demographics, health stats, claims and other public data sets at scale

Geospatial and IoT Analytics

Analyze large volumes of streaming IoT and satellite data to improve 
disaster recovery, city planning, transportation and more


Scale Analytics and AI in the Government

Learn how to scale analytics and machine learning with a unified approach to analytics powered by Apache Spark


Simplify and Scale ETL to Enable Data Science in the Government

Technical deep dive on how to simplify ETL with a modern data analytics architecture that supports both batch and streaming data at scale

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Modern Data Analytics Architecture for the Government

Overcome the limitations of legacy data warehouses with a modern approach to data analytics in the cloud

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Bringing Unified Analytics to Government Clients

Booz Allen Integrates Databricks into its Open Data Platform for On-Premises Deployments Making It Easier for Agencies to Manage Big Data


Geospatial Analytics and AI in the Public Sector

Learn top use cases for geospatial analytics in the government and how to analyze large geospatial datasets in the cloud with Databricks


Delivering Mission Critical Applications with Sevatec

Sevatec, a leading provider to the Federal Government, partners with Databricks to simplify and accelerate data analytics and AI at scale for mission critical applications

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Customer Talk

Driving Digital Transformation to Put Patients First at CMS

Learn how the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services uses Databricks to transform care with machine learning models and visualizations on petabytes of patient data

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Government-Grade Security in the AWS Cloud

Databricks has been available on AWS GovCloud since 2016 and has Authority to Operate in the AWS Commercial Cloud Service (C2S) for highly sensitive workflows

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Databricks partners with Carahsoft

Government agencies can now engage Databricks through our SEWP and GSA schedule partner Carahsoft

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Improving Threat Detection with Big Data and AI

From cyber criminals to nation states, government agencies face a constant barrage of attacks. Learn how Databricks enables security teams to analyze and investigate petabytes of threat data in real-time.

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Press Release

Empowering the U.S. Intelligence Community with Mission Critical Analytics and AI

Databricks secures a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel to deliver cloud-based, Apache Spark powered analytics and machine learning at scale

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Certifications and Accreditations

"Data has been held hostage through bureaucracy, through security, through multiple different ways. And Databricks allows us to liberate that data without compromising the security."

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Lisa Spory, VP of National Security and Immigration Programs, Sevatec

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