Get better faster with Databricks Academy!

Whether you are new to the data lake or building on an existing skill set, you can find curriculum tailored to your role or interest. With training and certification through Databricks Academy, you will learn to master the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for all of your big data analytics projects.

Learning Paths

We provide custom-fit learning paths for multiple roles and career paths. These paths include self-paced courses, instructor-led training, and certifications/accreditations, where appropriate. Visit this page for information on role-based learning paths.

Instructor-led Training

All instructor-led courses offer hands-on, instruction using real-world scenarios in the actual Databricks Lakehouse platform. By participating in these courses you will build cloud-native skills that achieve and sustain new levels of competitive performance. Our courses aim to enable individuals and teams to innovate faster so your business will not just survive, but thrive, now and in the future. Instructor-led courses are offered for public or private enrollment. Click here to view instructor-led trainings.


Certification exams assess your knowledge of Databricks Lakehouse platform usage and the underlying methods required to successfully implement quality projects. They help you gain industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity and results, and a tangible measure of your educational investment. Click here to view certifications.

lakehouse fundamentals

Self-paced Training

As a big part of our customer success approach, training and certification is always evolving to meet your needs. Our self-paced training portfolio provides a self guided, engaging, just-in-time approach to learnning. It comprehensively covers all role-based and product-focused topics. Log in to the Academy to view self-paced courses.

If you have any questions, please refer to the training FAQ.
If you need assistance with our training offerings, please file a training support ticket.