Data analytics and machine learning in financial services

Building a safer and more inclusive Financial Services sector with Data + AI at its core

Data + AI are great democratizing forces in financial services that fuel the progress towards the goal of “Digital Transformation”. Databricks helps financial services institutions unlock new possibilities from their data to drive new use cases that minimize risk, create a more engaging customer experience, and drive higher return on equity.

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Why Databricks for Financial Services

Manage risk in real-time

Generate real-time insights on risk factors and business performance to mitigate adverse impacts on operations and the bottom line

Enable data-driven ESG

Employ data and AI to automate the collection, verification, and analysis of ESG performance to ensure profitability and longevity

Mitigate fraudulent activity

Proactively identify emerging patterns of fraudulent and malicious behavior to protect customers and revenue

Use cases

From mitigating insurance claims fraud to reducing churn with personalized services, Databricks helps financial services institutions reduce risk while delivering a better customer experience.

Banking and Payments

Customer 360
Risk Management
Regulatory Compliance
Fraud Detection
Credit Scoring


Personalized Offers
Claims Automation
Actuary Science
Risk Monitoring
Case Management

Capital Markets

Alternative Data
Risk Management
Trading Cost Analysis
Regulatory Reporting

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