Financial Services



From banks to investment firms, the financial services industry can benefit from access to advanced data analytics to harness insights from a host of datasets such as market data, CRM data, articles, and more. Leveraging data science helps minimize operational costs while improving the ability to execute on common financial services use cases such as more accurate financial forecasting, analyzing customers to optimize marketing spend and reduce churn, assessing portfolio risk, mitigating fraudulent behavior, and making data-driven investment recommendations.

Common Use Cases

Financial Modeling

Leveraging various data points such as market data, news and sentiment data, and transactional data for more accurate forecasting and market trend analysis.

Risk and Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent fraud (e.g. money laundering, credit card fraud) by leveraging advanced analytics to predict anomalies in real time.

Financial Product Recommendations

Analyze millions of structured and unstructured data points across the market and customer sentiments to recommend the right product or investment strategy that delivers optimal returns to you and your customers.

Making Innovative Use Cases a Reality

Data Sources

  • Transactional Data
  • CRM Data
  • Credit Data
  • User Profile Data
  • Historical Data
  • Market Data
  • Proprietary Data
  • Article & News Data


Financial Modeling

  • Forecasting
  • Market Analysis & Trends
  • Simulation Analysis
  • Next Generation Underwriting

Customer Analysis

  • Prevent Customer Churn
  • Customer LTV
  • Optimize Digital Marketing Spend
  • Risk Assessment Based On 
Customer Behavior

Risk & Fraud Detection

  • Real-Time Fraud Detection
  • Graph Analytics
  • Application and Transaction Fraud Detection

Investment Recommendations

  • Analysis of Unstructured Data (Publication, Social Media, Articles & News)
  • Predictions via Sentiment and Data Analysis
  • Information Database


  • Predict consumer behavior to drive 
more revenue.
  • Increase engagement to maximize return 
on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Optimize ad spend through data-driven pricing and bidding strategies.
  • Deliver actionable insights to better measure campaign ROI.

Some of our Customers

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