Data analytics and machine learning in manufacturing

Unlock innovation and maximize supply chain efficiencies through intelligent manufacturing with data analytics

Data analytics and AI have proven to be invaluable tools for manufacturers, particularly in an environment of high volatility around consumer demand and commodity prices.

Databricks helps manufacturing organizations optimize their supply chains, boost product innovation, increase operational efficiencies, predict fulfillment needs and reduce overall costs.
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See how leaders in manufacturing are using Databricks to create a more resilient supply chain and boost productivity


Halliburton uses AI to eliminate downtime and reduce costs


Magneti Marelli streamlines manufacturing to accelerate


Aggreko leverages ML to optimize
commodity consumption


Electrolux increased demand
forecasting accuracy 3x


Increase revenues through better logistics

John Deere


Increasing crop yields with industrial AI


Improving manufacturing processes with data

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Why Databricks for Manufacturing

unified data processing icon

Unified Data Processing

Harness both streaming and batch workloads to gain a holistic view of your data for real-time actionable insights and machine learning.

support for all data types icon

Support for All Data Types

Analyze structured and unstructured data to enable cutting edge technologies like computer vision to ensure quality control of manufacturing lines.

operational agility icon

Ensure Operational Agility

Leverage data and machine learning to streamline operations, predict maintenance issues, and boost supply chain resilience.

Use cases

Databricks helps manufacturers optimize their supply chain, production processes and fulfillment logistics with real-time analytics and AI.

supply chain icon

Supply Chain

Create more resilient supply chains by improving accuracy in inventory prediction, understanding customer demand, reducing excess inventory, and avoiding lost sales
Supply chain control tower
Demand forecasting
Safety stock
Supply chain ESG safety

iot and robotics icon

IoT and Robotics

Optimize productivity, increase inventory accuracy, and build a more agile warehouse experience
Predictive maintenance
Automated quality control
Warehouse robotics

cost optimization icon

Cost Optimization

Lower costs of manufacturing processes by boosting operational efficiencies and ensuring fast time-to-market of outputs
Picking and delivery pathing
Commodity usage optimization
Worker safety and health monitoring

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