Data analytics and machine learning in media & entertainment

Understand your audience and content like never before

Databricks helps media companies leverage audience, content, and viewing behavior data to build better, more personalized experiences. As traditional business models continue to stagnate and decline, media companies need to move faster to keep up with fickle audiences enjoying near-limitless entertainment options.

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Why Databricks for M&E

Make better decisions with real-time data

Make better decisions with real-time data

Buffering, pixelation, and latency can lead to loss of engagement and churn. Quickly identify and remediate issues affecting your audience in near real time. Keep more eyeballs and subscribers on your platform to increase monetization.

Enable data teams to collaborate

Enable data teams to collaborate

Data silos and non-shareable data tools slow down data scientists, engineers, and analysts from working together, resulting in slower speed to market for innovation. Databricks’ collaborative workspace for data and AI means continuous, fast innovation.

Scale with your audience

Scale with your audience

Massive computation available at a moment’s notice to analyze structured and unstructured data like video and images. Save costs from no longer needing to provision based on predicting peak spikes.

Use cases

From driving subscriber acquisition and reducing churn to making smarter content decisions, Databricks helps media companies understand their audience and their content better than ever

Audience analytics

Audience analytics

Build deeper relationships with 
your audience.

Quality of service

Customer lifetime value

Next best action/offer
Ad optimization

Ad optimization

Better understand how to optimize inventory pricing, audience segmentation, and creative

Inventory pricing
Audience segmentation

Ad performance
Content lifecycle

Content lifecycle

Understand how to value content and better predict audience size and willingness to pay


Audience sizing/potential

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