Customer Case Study

Red Ventures is a marketing technology company that partners with the Fortune 500 to bring consumers and brands together through powerful, customized online experiences.

Vertical Use Case

  • Optimize the customer experience across their partner brands to drive engagement and conversion

Technical Use Case

  • Data Ingest and ETL
  • Machine Learning

The Challenges

  • Lacked deep experience in Apache Spark, creating operational hurdles that impeded progress
  • Many disparate tools and technologies which added DevOps complexity
  • Unable to do real-time machine learning at scale

The Solution

  • Databricks Unified Analytics Platform to simplify infrastructure management, foster cross-team collaboration, and train and deploy real-time machine learning models
  • Automated cluster management removed the complexities of provisioning distributed clusters
  • Support for R, Python, and Scale reduced barriers for team members to use their favorite tools to analyze the data
  • Intuitive workspace featuring collaborative notebooks improved data science productivity

Databricks has provided us with the flexibility and agility necessary to attack our problems at enterprise scale with low operational complexity.

Cory Locklear, Director of Engineering at Red Ventures