Public Sector



The proliferation of data is transforming decision-making in the government sector. Gaining value from this data requires the ability to effectively identify hidden insights, allowing agencies to help drive mission-critical decisions in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Databricks is an authorized Amazon Web Services Public Sector Technology PartnerDatabricks runs natively on AWS, supports GovCloud, and has an Authority to Operate (ATO) in the AWS Commercial Cloud Service (C2S), Amazon’s region supporting the US Intelligence Community.

Common Use Cases

Public Safety

Bolster defense and security with advanced machine learning and graph analysis algorithms to prevent criminal activities and mitigate risk.

Social Services

Analyze public records data such as tax, financial, welfare claims, and healthcare claims to identify new ways to collect more revenue, reduce operating costs, and reduce claim fraud.

Geospatial Analytics

Process geospatial data from GPS satellites, cell towers, and IoT devices to better understand weather patterns, gather defense intelligence, and evaluate crop production.