Customer Case Study


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.


Consumer Technology

Vertical Use Case

  • Using machine learning to personalize job search

Technical Use Case

  • Data Ingest and ETL
  • Machine Learning

The Challenges

  • Data engineering complexity in building a reliable and performant data pipeline
  • Inability of traditional data warehouse to scale impeded data science progress
  • Mismatch between live and batch data impacts model performance
  • Lack of standardized model-serving support caused significant data engineering overhead

The Solution

Databricks provides Upwork with a unified analytics platform that democratizes data and has greatly simplified operations, cutting down overall time to market, increasing collaboration across engineering and data science, and improving operational efficiency.

  • Able to standardize on a single platform for data engineering and data science
  • Access to the latest Apache Spark™ features first which has allowed them to accelerate innovation and gain a competitive advantage
  • Democratization of data has improved collaboration and knowledge sharing which has increased operational efficiency

“Databricks helps us to implement this customized HR data science product engineering process that greatly simplifies data processing, feature computation, model training, and model scoring.”

Thanh Tran, Director of Data Science at Upwork