Introducing Databricks Machine Learning: a Data-native, Collaborative, Full ML Lifecycle Solution

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Today, we announced the launch of Databricks Machine Learning, the first enterprise ML solution that is data-native, collaborative, and supports the full ML lifecycle. This launch introduces a new purpose-built product surface in Databricks specifically for Machine Learning (ML) that brings together existing capabilities, such as managed MLflow, and introduces new components, such as AutoML...

Databricks Announces the First Feature Store Co-designed with a Data and MLOps Platform

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Today, we announced the launch of the Databricks Feature Store, the first of its kind that has been co-designed with Delta Lake and MLflow to accelerate ML deployments. It inherits all of the benefits from Delta Lake, most importantly: data stored in an open format, built-in versioning and automated lineage tracking to facilitate feature discovery....

Announcing Single-Node Clusters on Databricks

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Databricks is used by data teams to solve the world's toughest problems. This can involve running large-scale data processing jobs to extract, transform, and analyze data. However, it often also involves data analysis, data science, and machine learning at the scale of a single machine, for instance using libraries like scikit-learn. To streamline these single...

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