Machine Learning using Apache Spark MLlib and Databricks


Columbia, MD

Join us for this step by step example led live demonstration of how to train machine learning models at scale using SPARK MLIB and Databricks. You can watch the demo, or follow along with your own laptop, or download the code and data later and try it at home.

During this session, we will write Scala code using Apache Spark and MLlib Random Forest Classifiers to create your first ML model that runs against big data. If you don't know Scala or these frameworks, don't worry -- the examples are easy to follow, and you'll come away better prepared to do the same thing with the language and frameworks of your choice.

Take away from the session:

  1. code on GitHub having sample code in Scala implementing MLlib classifiers
  2. code on GitHub that runs at scale within a Databricks

Benchmarking Stream Processing Frameworks and Parquet optimizations


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The meetup will take place/is sponsored by Databricks. Agenda: 18:00 Arrive, mingle, food, drinks etc. 18:30 The Parquet format and performance optimization opportunities by Boudewijn Braams (Databricks) 19:00 Benchmarking Stream Processing Frameworks: a Testimony by Giselle van Dongen (Klarrio) 19:45 Q&A, mingle, food, drinks. 21:30 End of the meetup/everybody out Hope to see you there, Niels