Events - Databricks



Deep Learning Fundamental Series: Applying your Convolutional Neural Network


Learn how convolutions works, discuss some of the ImageNet architectures and see how to apply a convolutional neural network using the ImageNet scenario.

LoyaltyOne Simplifies and Scales Data & Analytics Pipelines with Delta Lake


Learn how LoyaltyOne—a loyalty marketing services provider—used open-source Delta Lake on Databricks and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create automated data pipelines that feed thousands of ML and analytics models, accelerating and enhancing customer churn and recommendation engines. LoyaltyOne is also scaling their analytics by using AutoML on Databricks, accommodating developers with a range of experience.

Data Lake Analytics Virtual Summit with Tableau and Databricks


Get deeper insights faster with Tableau and Databricks. In this virtual summit, hear how you can analyze your entire data lake with Tableau. No more waiting for data to be reformatted for analytics, or to access data in real-time.

From Data to AI with Microsoft Azure Databricks


Data is everywhere as a key driver of digital transformation and the first step to an effective AI strategy. To successfully compete in the industry, organizations must invest in Data and AI. Join Databricks and Microsoft as we share how you can accelerate your Data and AI journey end-to-end with Azure Databricks and our natively integrated data services on Azure.

We’ll show how to build scalable and performant data pipelines for analytics, and how to set up your ML development with support for the complete production lifecycle. The right combination of services, integrated in the right way, makes all the difference!

Security Best Practices for Azure Databricks


Learn how a number of Azure-specific features fit into the Databricks model for data security, and how to utilize them with best practices designed to make it easier to manage and operate a secure environment.

Restore reliability of data lakes with Delta Lake and Talend


San Francisco

Databricks built Delta Lake to bring organization and consistency to data lakes so end users can quickly search, find, and trust the data they need. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges with data lakes; explain how Delta Lake can restore reliability to data lakes; and explore how Talend accelerates data ingestion from a broad range of data sources to Delta Lake with comprehensive data quality and governance features.

Manage Big Data Pipelines in the Cloud


Whether you are cloud-native or migrating to the cloud, enterprises are looking for speed and agility. Databricks and StreamSets have partnered to bring rapid data pipeline design and testing to critical cloud workloads. Together, they bring the power of Apache Spark™ to a broad audience with a logical and visual, UI-based pipeline development tool. This allows more users to leverage Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake with confidence, reliability and unmatched performance in the cloud.