Frequently Asked Questions About the Data Lakehouse

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Question Index What is a Data Lakehouse? How is a Data Lakehouse different from a Data Warehouse? How is the Data Lakehouse different from a Data Lake? How easy is it for data analysts to use a Data Lakehouse? How do Data Lakehouse systems compare in performance and cost to data warehouses? What data governance...

Introducing Databricks Unity Catalog: Fine-grained Governance for Data and AI on the Lakehouse

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Data lake systems such as S3, ADLS, and GCS store the majority of data in today’s enterprises thanks to their scalability, low cost, and open interfaces. Over time, these systems have also become an attractive place to process data thanks to lakehouse technologies such as Delta Lake that enable ACID transactions and fast queries. However,...

Introducing Delta Sharing: An Open Protocol for Secure Data Sharing

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Data sharing has become critical in the modern economy as enterprises look to securely exchange data with their customers, suppliers and partners. For example, a retailer may want to publish sales data to its suppliers in real time, or a supplier may want to share real-time inventory. But so far, data sharing has been severely...

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