Augment Your SIEM for Cybersecurity at Cloud Scale

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Over the last decade, security incident and event management tools (SIEMs) have become a standard in enterprise security operations. SIEMs have always had their detractors. But the explosion of cloud footprints is prompting the question, are SIEMs the right strategy in the cloud-scale world? Security leaders from HSBC don’t think so. In a recent talk,...

Applying Natural Language Processing to Healthcare Text at Scale

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This is a co-authored post written in collaboration with Moritz Steller, AI Evangelist, at John Snow Labs. Don't miss our virtual workshop, Extract Real-World Data with NLP, on July 15 to learn about our new NLP solutions. In 2015, HIMSS estimated that the healthcare industry in the U.S. produced 1.2 billion clinical documents. That’s a...

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