The Modern Data Platform for Manufacturing

Harnessing the power of Data + AI



Today, success within organisations in the manufacturing, machinery operation, energy and pharmaceuticals industries depends greatly on the ability to harness the power of data science, machine learning and business analytics. More than ever, it’s critical for the manufacturing industry to move more quickly, collaborate effectively, utilise a variety of data sources and operate in more efficient ways.

The lakehouse vision brings manufacturing transparency, enhanced planning, and prevention to the factory floor. It is the ideal data architecture for data-driven organisations. It builds on the best qualities of data warehouses and data lakes to provide a single data lake–based architecture for all major data use cases from streaming analytics to BI, data science and AI.

In this webinar, you will learn how Databricks and Datapao can help solve the real-world problems manufacturers face when working with data. We will provide best practices from other manufacturers and help you understand how to:

  • Bring all your data into one place from different sources and work with real-time data
  • Visualise important indicators in dashboards
  • Build predictive models (predictive maintenance)
  • Use MLflow to register models and manage the lifecycle of the models in production


Zoltan Toth
CTO Datapao

Volker Tjaden
Partner Solutions Architect, Databricks

About Datapao
Datapao is a data analytics and cloud consultancy and training firm, focusing on industrial applications (aka Industry 4.0) and digital services. Datapao helps Fortune 500 companies kick off and mature their data analytics infrastructure by giving them cloud and data engineering, big data and data analytics training and consultancy. Datapao is a Databricks Delivery Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner.