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Powered by Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning

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Machine learning enables organizations to make more informed decisions and predictions at record speed. Cloud computing enables you to tap into a wider variety of data sources to improve accuracy and speed of these predictions.

Join Databricks and Microsoft to learn how to leverage Azure best practices for implementing a complete data science lifecycle, enabling data teams to scale effectively using Azure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning and MLflow.

This event will include deep dives where you’ll learn how to:

  • Train models and create predictions with Azure Databricks
  • Track experiments and tune hyperparameters with MLflow
  • Implement MLOps with MLflow and Azure Machine Learning
  • Deploy models to Azure Container Service and Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Implement Responsible ML with Azure Databricks

Featured Speakers:

Joel Thomas, Senior Solutions Architect, Databricks

Premal Shah, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

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