Achieving Real Business Value in the Insurance Industry With Data + AI

How IF insurance is delivering real-time insights and claims automation with Databricks

Data is at the core of many industry transformations, including insurance. As customer expectations continue to rise, insurance agencies must move beyond legacy systems that impact the customer experience due to the inability to mine insights from resource-intensive data and manual processes. With the unification of data and AI in the cloud, insurance companies can easily extract insights from massive volumes of data to provide better, faster and cheaper services to customers.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss how organizations that successfully modernize their claims lifecycle with data and AI will be set up to process claims quicker and provide more value to the business.

Valdas Maksimavičius, the Data Architect at IF Insurance, will share how Databricks has helped them harmonize their data for a variety of use cases designed to streamline actuarial reporting, automate claims management, accelerate strategic decision-making, and boost customer satisfaction and revenue.


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