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Big Data for Engineers: Processing and Analysis in 5 Easy Steps

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Companies are collecting more data than ever before across the enterprise. Data scientists and engineers are at the forefront of the search for key business insights in that data to improve decision making. Databricks is their platform of choice for massive-scale data engineering and collaborative data science.

Millions of engineers and scientists choose MATLAB® to advance their research. MATLAB helps them analyze the signal, video, image, telemetry, and other engineering data, in a multitude of fields. With its expressive language, rich development environment and dozens of toolboxes, MATLAB is the easiest and most productive environment for engineers and scientists.

In this webinar, we will show you how an automotive customer leveraged the MATLAB Interface for Databricks (currently in private preview) to explore troves of cloud data directly from MATLAB. MATLAB algorithms were then deployed directly to Databricks, without time-consuming reimplementation in other programming languages.

Webinar attendees will learn how this customer was able to:

  • Control the Databricks platform with MATLAB code
  • Configure jobs and push down big data queries with Delta Lake, AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and many more
  • Analyze massive data sets in the cloud
  • Deploy algorithms to cloud compute clusters
  • Use MATLAB toolboxes for Predictive Maintenance, Machine Learning, and many more to get answers fast

MATLAB with Databricks: Actionable Insight for Engineers and Scientists at Big Data scale.

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Featured Speakers
Nauman Fakhar, Director of ISV Solution at Databricks
Arvind Hosagrahara, Chief Solutions Architect at MathWorks

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