Cloud Data Lake Dev Day Live Workshop with Immuta



In this live workshop, we’ll cover the best practices for organizations to use with powerful open source technologies so you can build and extend your AWS investments and make your data lake analytics-ready. You’ll learn about the advantages of cloud-based data lakes in terms of security and cost. How to enable SQL analysts to easily access data in your data lake for reporting and visualization. And finally, you’ll learn how data professionals are having a huge impact — lowering costs, changing time to market and even revolutionizing industries.

  • Learn how to build highly scalable and reliable data pipelines for analytics
  • Find out how to make your existing S3 data lake analytics-ready with open source Delta Lake technology
  • See how SQL tools provide an easy-to-use platform for analysts to directly query data on your data lake
  • Evaluate options to migrate on-premises data lakes (Hadoop, etc.) to AWS with Databricks Delta
  • Integrate that data with services such as Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue and Amazon Athena — and leverage your AWS security and roles, all without moving your data out of your account
  • Understand open source technologies like Delta Lake and Apache Spark™ that are portable and powerful at any organization and for any analytics use case
  • Network live and learn from your data professional peers

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