Databricks and Tredence Solve for Retail On-Shelf Availability

In this workshop, we are partnering with Tredence, a data science and AI engineering company focused on solving the last mile problem in analytics. We’ll showcase our new joint On-Shelf Availability Solution Accelerator — a robust quick-start guide with best-practices and notebooks that’s the foundation for a full out-of-stock or supply chain solution. Tredence works with the largest retailers on the planet and understands the nuances of Out-of-Stock (OOS) modeling. Join us to see how Databricks’ processing power and Tredence’s advanced data science capabilities create a winning combination.

Together, we’ll cover:

  • Approaching out-of-stocks with the Databricks Lakehouse
  • Methods of scaling on-shelf availability to ensure complete and accurate status
  • How retailers and brands can use on-shelf availability predictive modeling
  • The business value of on-shelf availability improvement

Rob Saker, the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Leader and RVP at Databricks, and Morgan Seybert, the EVP of Retail at Tredence, will lead and moderate the workshop. Bryan Smith, the Technical Director of Retail and Consumer Goods, and Rich Williams, the VP of Data Engineering at Tredence, will demo the On-Shelf Availability Solution Accelerator. We look forward to addressing all your questions and hope you will join us for an interactive debate on topics raised during the presentations.

Event Agenda

  • Welcome and Keynote From Databricks + Tredence
  • On-Shelf Availability Solution Accelerator Walk-Through
  • Tredence Presentation and Demo
  • Q&A

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