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Improving Hospital Operations with Clinical Analytics and ML in the Cloud

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How Integris Health Built an Agile Environment for Data Analytics and AI with Apache Spark, Databricks and KenSci

INTEGRIS Health, the largest not-for-profit health system in Oklahoma, is widely recognized as a leading innovator in healthcare. This is due in large part to their strategy of migrating clinical and operational data to the cloud for advanced analytics. To enable this transformation, Integris built a secure, agile and unified platform for data analytics and machine learning in the cloud with Apache Spark, Azure Databricks and KenSci.

In this webinar, Integris will share how they built and leverage this platform to rapidly prototype ML models and deliver on innovative use cases such as preventing neonatal sepsis, predicting patients at high risk for falls, avoiding pressure ulcers, reducing length of stay and more.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Integris integrated clinical and operational data from 15+ systems in the cloud
  • How they built an agile environment for data analytics and rapid ML experimentation with Spark, Databricks and KenSci
  • Deep dive on their analytics and AI use cases including:
    • Preventing neonatal sepsis
    • Predicting patient falls
    • Avoiding pressure ulcers
    • Reducing the length of stay
  • Live demo of a machine learning model used to risk score patients for chronic disease


  • Julius Abate, Director of Data Engineering and Automation, INTEGRIS Health
  • Ankur Teredesai, Co-founder and CTO, KenSci
  • Frank Nothaft, Healthcare and Life Sciences Technical Director, Databricks