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Bringing customer data into a cloud data lake is incredibly time consuming with data spread across numerous sources. Building and maintaining labor-intensive data pipelines for each source takes time away from customer data analysis and AI.

Join this webinar to learn how Databricks and Fivetran help enterprises build reliable, automated data integration solutions on cloud data lakes with ease. This empowers data teams to focus on analytics and AI for marketing and sales use cases (such as customer 360, personalization, sales forecasting, etc.). You’ll also leave understanding how Punchh, a customer loyalty and engagement leader, enables AI-powered experiences to increase lifetime customer value.

Leave understanding:

  • How Punchh enables data uniformity on data lake during a live demo
  • How Punchh uses Delta Lake to create an AI-augmented customer experience
  • How to build automated data ingestion pipelines from SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk and other SaaS platforms
  • How to efficiently keep customer data in sync with cloud data lakes


  • Hiral Jasani, Staff Partner Marketing Manager at Databricks
  • Sean Spediacci, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Fivetran
  • Xin Heng, VP of Data at Punchh
  • Gaurish Sharma, DPO, Senior Director Engineering at Punchh

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