Databricks Lakehouse Hands-on Workshop: Unify data, analytics and AI

September 22nd, 2021
10:00am CT

A data lakehouse combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes into a single, unified architecture that can serve all data use cases — including BI, streaming analytics, data science and machine learning. In this workshop, you’ll get an overview of how Databricks enables you to build a lakehouse architecture that delivers data warehouse performance with data lake economics, all powered by open source technologies.

Join us at this live event to:

  • Learn about the lakehouse architecture, and the advantages it offers over data warehouses and lakes
  • Discover how Delta Lake provides the foundation for your lakehouse architecture
  • See Delta Lake in action with a live demo and a hands-on code walk-through
  • Get a preview of the new Databricks SQL
  • Bring your basic questions, toughest data challenges, and everything in between to the Q&A with a Databricks expert

Event Agenda

  • 10:00–10:10 AM Intro to Lakehouse
  • 10:10–10:30 AM Building the Lakehouse Foundation With Delta Lake
  • 10:30–11:15 AM Hands-On Lab: Unify Data, Analytics and AI
  • 11:15 AM–11:30 AM Databricks SQL Demo


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