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Success Story: Nexar

Understanding the road at scale with Apache Spark

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With more than 50,000 drivers, Nexar is a fully connected dash cam system that uses AI technology to automatically detect and record incidents on the road and save the footage to your phone. The moonshot mission of Nexar is to build ‘the air traffic control of the road’. The vision is to use data layers that connect vehicles, drivers and infrastructures, to share information in real time about what’s happening on the road in order to ultimately prevent car accidents at scale.

Built on Spark, billions of images are collected for computer vision applied to two projects: City Stream & Virtual City Camera.

Rotem Tamir, Data Platform Tech Lead at Nexar will walk through how Nexar is providing value to the platform user by leveraging Apache Spark and Databricks on deep learning models.

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Rotem Tamir

Data Platform Tech Lead

Greta Nasai

Customer Success Engineer