Workshop: Geospatial Analytics and AI at Scale

How Databricks and open-source tools can be used to build powerful GIS analytics

Geospatial analytics has evolved beyond analyzing static maps. Today, enterprises have access to diverse geospatial data like high-res images, streaming video, and GPS data. By applying advanced analytics to these geospatial datasets, organizations can deliver on a broad range of use cases across all industries.

Unfortunately, most organizations lack the proper data architecture to prepare these large, complex datasets for downstream analytics. Furthermore, many organizations lack the expertise needed to take full advantage of advanced analytics tools and popular open-source spatial frameworks, inhibiting their ability to build AI applications.

Join our event to learn how to build powerful geospatial insights and visualizations with a Lakehouse for all your geospatial data processing, analytics and AI. At this event, you will learn:

  • How geospatial data and advanced analytics are powering innovative use cases
  • Common challenges organizations face analyzing geospatial data at scale
  • How to build powerful AI applications with a Lakehouse for geospatial data

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