Delta Sharing

An open standard for secure data sharing

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Delta Sharing is the world’s first open protocol for securely sharing data across organizations in real time, independent of the platform on which the data resides. It is natively integrated into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform so you can centrally discover, manage and govern all of your shared data on one platform.

Share live data without copying it

Easily and securely share existing data in real time, directly from your cloud data lake and lakehouse systems in the Delta Lake or Apache Parquet formats.

Consume shared data from any tool

Your data is yours only. Integrations with leading tools allow you to visualize, query, enrich and govern shared data from your tools of choice and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Strong security, auditing and governance

The protocol is designed to help you meet privacy and compliance requirements. Now you can grant, track and audit access to shared data from one single platform.

Easily share terabyte-scale data sets

Share massive data sets, such as fine-grained industrial or financial data, and benefit from low-cost, massively parallel access via cloud object stores.

How it works

Native integration with the Databricks Platform

Native integration with the Unity Catalog allows you to centrally manage and audit shared data across organizations. This lets you confidently share data assets with suppliers and partners for better coordination of your business while meeting security and compliance needs.

Easily manage shares

Easily manage shares with CREATE SHARE commands in SQL or REST APIs.

Use cases

Data collaboration

Collaborate and share data with partners in a secure, auditable and controlled environment. Reduce data pipeline complexity, rely on a trusted completed data set.

Data providers

Easily share and manage entitlements on predefined data sets, with an open, cost efficient and scalable protocol, agnostic of computing platforms or clouds.

Data consumers

Access the latest published version directly from the provider in easy-to-use SQL, Python or BI tools.


An open ecosystem

Access the latest published version directly from the provider in easy-to-use SQL, Python or BI tools.


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