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You build software to support business processes, and your software captures billions of data points daily. To create a positive impact on your customers’ businesses, you need to quickly take the pulse of any business through data and prescribe actions to generate value.

Common Use Cases

New Product Development

Analyze customer and market data to identify opportunities and reduce time to market for new innovations.

Security Monitoring

Detect anomalies and respond to intrusions before they impact application and system performance.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Build and publish customized reports for key decision-makers by analyzing full data sets in 
real time.

Some of our Customers

The APIs provided by Databricks alongside its integrated workspace and role-based access control has allowed us to release our product twice as often as before; 
instead of waiting multiple weeks to incorporate improvements into our product, 
we are now able to do so much faster as part of our bi-weekly Agile cadence.

Doug Stein, CTO of Metacog