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Data-driven insights are creating a massive opportunity for healthcare and life sciences organizations to deliver ground-breaking treatments and patient care. Databricks simplifies and accelerates the access and analysis of healthcare and biological data to help scientists speed up new drug development and clinicians to deliver personalized care.

At the core of this healthcare revolution is genomics data. To address the complexity and scale challenges of analyzing genomics data, Databricks is proud to introduce Unified Analytics for Genomics. With a unified platform genomic data processing, tertiary analytics, and machine learning at massive scale,  organizations can accelerate the discovery of life changing treatments and drive advancements in care.

Using the power of machine learning to bring new medicines to patients in need

Making Innovative Use Cases a Reality

Data Sources

  • DNA Sequences BAM, SAM VCF, ADAM, GATK4
  • Clinical Data CMS Public, HL7 / CCD, Claims, RWE, Registry, EMR
  • Drug Development Screen Data, Observational Data
  • Sensor Data Readings, Time Series, Event Data
  • Social Data Social Media, Adverse Events, Unstructured


Genomic Medicine

  • Massive Blended Datasets
  • Biomarker, Genetic, Variant & Population Analytics

RWE Analytics

  • Market Access Analysis
  • Efficacy and Comparative Image Processing

Computational Screening

  • Increase Attribute Collection
  • Faster Aggregation, Joins
  • Effectiveness Analysis

Device Analytics

  • Aggregation of Events
  • Blended with Clinical and Genomic Data

Social Analytics

  • Real-Time Patient Feedback via Topic Modeling
  • Analytics Across Publication Data


  • Faster innovation for drug development.
  • Improved patient outcomes and
 increased revenue.
  • Faster discovery of new therapeutics.
  • Predictive analytics transforms 
quality of care.
  • Improved patient communications 
and feedback.

Some of our Customers

Databricks provides us with a unified platform that enables cross-team collaboration to rapidly clean and analyze a wide variety of genomic data to accelerate drug development.

Databricks User at Amgen