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Data Analytics and Machine Learning for the Life Sciences Industry

Harness the power of big data and AI to accelerate R&D in the life sciences industry

Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Smarter Drug Development with Data Analytics and AI

Enable life sciences companies 
to leverage data analytics, machine learning and AIto improve therapeutics while reducing costs — powered by the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform.

Genomics and Drug Discovery

Accelerate drug discovery and improve retargeting efforts by processing and analyzing large cohorts of DNA sequence data along with other biomedical and imaging datasets.

Real-World Evidence

Build machine learning models on top of diverse sets of real-world data to improve trial design, disease identification, medication adherence and many other use cases.

Commercial Analytics

Increase marketing and sales effectiveness with highly targeted prescriber and patient programs using machine learning and predictive analytics.


Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics

Learn how the Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics powers interactive genomic data processing, analytics and AI at massive scale with a scalable DNASeq pipeline that is concordant with GATK4 at best-in-class speeds.


Extracting Real-world Insights from Population-scale Clinical Data

Learn how Prognos built ML pipelines on 25 billion clinical lab records with Databricks, Apache Spark™ and AWS

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Predicting Disease Risk with Deep Learning on Medical Images at Scale

Learn how Human Longevity Inc, a leader in medical imaging and genomics, uses Databricks, Spark, and MLFlow to build a comprehensive imaging database of 14,000 de-identified individuals and power an agile environment for machine learning.

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Customer Talk

Copay Anomaly Detection at McKesson using Azure Databricks

Watch this Spark + AI Summit talk to hear how McKesson’s Data and Analytics teams use Azure Databricks, Apache Spark and machine learning to analyze claims data and detect copay anomalies.

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Accelerate Genomic Discovery at Biobank-scale

Learn how Regeneron built one of the world’s largest genetics databases powered by Apache Spark™, Databricks and AWS along with a live demo of an ML model for genome-wide disease risk scoring.

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Automated Monitoring of Medical Device Data with Machine Learning

Learn how to build an end-to-end ML pipeline for streaming EKG data using Delta Lake, HorovodRunner and MLflow

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Real-World Evidence Analytics at Scale

Learn how to accelerate drug development and improve healthcare delivery with a unified approach to analyzing population-scale real-world data.

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"The Databricks Unified Analytics Platform is enabling everyone in our integrated drug development process – from physician-scientists to computational biologists – to easily access, analyze, and extract insights from all of our data."

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Jeffrey Reid, PhD, Head of Genome Informatics, Regeneron

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