Announcing Databricks Serverless SQL

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Databricks SQL already provides a first-class user experience for BI and SQL directly on the data lake, and today, we are excited to announce another step in making data and AI simple with Databricks Serverless SQL. This new capability for Databricks SQL provides instant compute to users for their BI and SQL workloads, with minimal...

Now in Public Preview: Orchestrate Multiple Tasks With Databricks Jobs


READ DOCUMENTATION As companies undertake more business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, the need for simple, clear and reliable orchestration of data processing tasks has increased. Previously, Databricks customers had to choose whether to run these tasks all in one notebook or use another workflow tool and add to the overall complexity of...

Announcing Photon Public Preview: The Next Generation Query Engine on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Today, we're excited to announce the availability of Photon in public preview. Photon is a native vectorized engine developed in C++ to dramatically improve query performance. All you have to do to benefit from Photon is turn it on. Photon will seamlessly coordinate work and resources and transparently accelerate portions of your SQL and Spark...

Introducing Databricks Machine Learning: a Data-native, Collaborative, Full ML Lifecycle Solution

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Today, we announced the launch of Databricks Machine Learning, the first enterprise ML solution that is data-native, collaborative, and supports the full ML lifecycle. This launch introduces a new purpose-built product surface in Databricks specifically for Machine Learning (ML) that brings together existing capabilities, such as managed MLflow, and introduces new components, such as AutoML...

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