How Databricks’ Data Team Built a Lakehouse Across 3 Clouds and 50+ Regions

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The internal logging infrastructure at Databricks has evolved over the years and we have learned a few lessons along the way about how to maintain a highly available log pipeline across multiple clouds and geographies. This blog will give you some insight as to how we collect and administer real-time metrics using our Lakehouse platform,...

Building a Cybersecurity Lakehouse for CrowdStrike Falcon Events

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Endpoint data is required by security teams for threat detection, threat hunting, incident investigations and to meet compliance requirements. The data volumes can be terabytes per day or petabytes per year. Most organizations struggle to collect, store and analyze endpoint logs because of the costs and complexities associated with such large data volumes. But it...

Managing and Securing Credentials in Databricks for Apache Spark Jobs


Since Apache Spark separates compute from storage, every Spark Job requires a set of credentials to connect to disparate data sources. Storing those credentials in the clear can be a security risk if not stringently administered. To mitigate that risk, Databricks makes it easy and secure to connect to S3 with either Access Keys via...

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