Graphics Performance Architect - Databricks

Graphics Performance Architect

-You will work on characterization of various workloads, identification of system bottlenecks, designing and modeling of features and configurations that improve power/performance while meeting platform constraints.
-You also will assess the performance and efficiency of our new capabilities versus our previous products and our competition on a range of 3D Graphics workloads from benchmarks and real 3D games using various API: OpenGL, Microsoft DX, Apple Metal and Vulkan. -You will also define new features and architectural changes to address emerging usage scenarios and improve power/performance efficiency of upcoming Intel graphics products, starting from architecture definition, through modeling and analysis up to validation of performance features in final products.
-Responsible for developing multiple aspects of graphics software, display driver development and simulation environment development. -Works with various partners to enhance graphics performance on upcoming Intel Graphics Products by analyzing performance issues in software drivers and applications, implementing software performance improvements, and recommending future hardware & software improvements.
-Responsible for providing internal and external feedback to implement upcoming graphics features in yet to be released OSes to ensure our hardware and software will function and perform as expected on next generation platforms as well as designing/developing/implementing graphics system level software for future platforms