Video Codec Architect - Databricks

Video Codec Architect

Your responsibilities may include but not be limited to:
-Performing algorithm and architecture definition of various video codecs such as VVC, AV1, HEVC, VP9/VP8, AVC, MVC and so on.
-Algorithm & architecture development of advanced pixel processing and machine (deep) learning technologies to address the topics of visual quality improvement of media processing, video coding efficiency, picture re-targeting and video analytics.
-Making tradeoffs between quality, performance and cost, between fixed function and programmable implementations -Interacting with silicon design team, software kernel and/or driver development team and validation team in deploying such new techniques
-Conducting or participating in multidisciplinary research in the design, development, testing and utilization of information processing hardware and/or electrical components, mechanisms, materials, and/or circuitry, processes, packaging, and cabinetry for central processing units (CPU””s) and/or peripheral equipment
-Preparing specifications, evaluating vendors, and analyzing test reports
-Power, performance modeling, projection of various video techniques in hardware and software
-Ensuring products conform to standards and specifications
-Developing plans and cost estimates and assesses projects to analyze risk
-Developing procedures, analysis and design for computer components, products, and systems -Initiating, guiding and coordinating overall design and development of new ideas and products
-Responding to customer and/or client requests or events as they occur
-Developing solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgment
-Ensures platform and its components have the best performance and power balance specifically focusing on graphics hardware components.
-Research and development of next generation platform designs to continually improve the performance.
-Conducts system analysis on proprietary and competition platforms, develops advanced hardware tuning and overclocking.