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Enterprise Cloud Service

A massively scalable and secure managed service running millions of machines every day

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Enterprise Cloud Service provides native security, org-wide visibility, and control on elastic, scalable
and production-ready infrastructure for your most mission-critical data and analytics workloads.

Setup, secure, manage and scale your data platform effortlessly


Effortlessly integrate with your cloud data storage, databases, warehouses, catalogs, streaming and ML services.


Extend existing controls to protect your data while creating compliant, private and isolated analytics workspaces for your users.


Easily track, audit activities and know who accessed what. Set policies to administer users, control budget and manage infrastructure.


Programmatically add 10 or 1000 users with the right authorization, controls and individual workspaces.

What You Get

Enterprise Security

With native identity federation, encryption, access controls, get the tools you need to secure your data. Further with built-in network, data and job isolation and compliance options, create a safe analytics environment for your users.
Learn more about Enterprise Security.

Simple Administration

Audit trails, logs, billing and usage reports give you full operational visibility. Create individual workspaces for each team, set policies on usage limits and analyze activities to ensure adherence.

Production Ready

An API first approach ensure seamless CI/CD and automation on auto-scaling infrastructure that scales globally. Maintain SLAs, with easy application and infrastructure monitoring.


For Security Analysts

Keep your data where it is and get the tools you need to extend your existing security policies rather than creating new ones.

For IT Administrators

Get enterprise-wide visibility and set policies for various teams. Get notifications on policy violations and bill departments with chargebacks.

For Cloud Architects

Architect a complete data and analytics solution seamlessly integrating with AWS and Azure services you are already familiar with.

For DevOps

Version control and track source code and automate your CI/CD pipeline. Deploy and monitor production workloads for downtime and performance.

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