Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics

Accelerate discovery with a collaborative platform for genomic data processing and tertiary analytics at petabyte-scale


Launch Pipelines
without the Pain

  • Make prepping genomic data easy with prebuilt GATK pipelines hosted in the cloud
  • Process data 15x faster with workflows optimized to run in parallel
  • Easily launch and scale pipelines with a few simple clicks

Innovate Faster with
Tertiary Analytics at Scale

  • Interactively explore data with prepackaged genomic analytics (e.g., Joint Variant Calling, GWAS, eQTL, etc) and machine learning
  • Analyze hundreds of thousands of genome samples while minimizing costs with autoscaling in the cloud
  • Seamlessly connect processed genomic data with downstream analytics in one platform for faster results

Increase Productivity
of Research Teams

  • Enable researchers, computational biologists and bioinformaticians to iterate in real-time with collaborative workspaces
  • Explore data efficiently with familiar languages - SQL, R, Python, Java, and Scala
  • Standardize genomic workflows across teams to improve reproducibility
Genomics platform by Databricks

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