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Energy and Utilities



From highly-instrumented wells to the proliferation of smart grid technologies, data is becoming a critical element in the discovery, extraction, and delivery of energy — whether it is oil, natural gas, or even wind and solar. Databricks provides a virtual analytics platform that enables real-time analysis of operational and customer data at scale, making modern innovations like predicting weather patterns and optimizing the energy grid a reality.

Common Use Cases

Smart Meters/Smart Grid

Analyze sensor data to detect patterns in consumption to optimize energy distribution.

Predictive Maintenance

Avoid product failures (smart meters, boilers, water heaters, etc) by analyzing machine data, maintenance schedules, and other historical data to predict equipment maintenance.

Holistic View of Customer

Gain a complete view into your customers to optimize energy consumption and help reduce costs while delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Databricks gives us on-demand scalability 
and complete control over computing costs.

Jonathan Farland, Senior Data Scientist, DNV GL