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Databricks Unified Analytics

Accelerate innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business

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Official Announcement of Delta Lake Open Source Project

Ali Ghodsi, CEO at Databricks

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Unifying Data Science and Engineering

Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, from the original creators of Apache Spark™, unifies data science and engineering across the Machine Learning lifecycle from data preparation, to experimentation and deployment of ML applications.

  • Data Science

    Collaboratively explore large datasets, build models iteratively and deploy across multiple platforms.

  • Data Engineering

    Speed up the preparation of high quality data, essential for best-in-class ML applications, at scale.

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“Databricks’ unified platform has helped foster collaboration across our data science and engineering teams which has impacted innovation and productivity.”

- John Landry, Distinguished Technologist at HP, Inc.


“We were able to take a tool that previously would have been fairly localised to a single region and turn that into a global product which actually is now becoming the foundation for the way our inventory analysts will now do their work.”

- Daniel Jeavons, General Manager Advanced Analytics CoE, Shell


“Databricks lets us focus on business problems and makes certain processes very simple. Now it’s a question of how do we bring these benefits to others in the organization who might not be aware of what they can do with this type of platform.”

- Dan Morris, Senior Director of Product Analytics , Viacom


“Databricks’ quality of support and how they’ve helped our team succeed is absolutely crucial for our business.”

- Matt Fryer, VP, Chief Data Science Officer,


“Working in Databricks is like getting a seat in first class. It’s just the way flying (or data science-ing) should be.”

- Mary Clair Thompson Data Scientist,