5 Steps to Implementing Intelligent Data Pipelines With Delta Live Tables

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Many IT organizations are familiar with the traditional extract, transform and load (ETL) process - as a series of steps defined to move and transform data from source to traditional data warehouses and data marts for reporting purposes. However, as organizations morph to become more and more data-driven, the vast and various amounts of data,...

Announcing the Launch of Delta Live Tables on Google Cloud

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Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Delta Live Tables (DLT) on Google Cloud. With this launch, enterprises can now use DLT to easily build and deploy SQL and Python pipelines and run ETL workloads directly on their lakehouse on Google Cloud. In order to power analytics, data science and machine learning, data...

Announcing the Launch of Delta Live Tables: Reliable Data Engineering Made Easy

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As the amount of data, data sources and data types at organizations grow, building and maintaining reliable data pipelines has become a key enabler for analytics, data science and machine learning (ML). Prioritizing these initiatives puts increasing pressure on data engineering teams because processing the raw, messy data into clean, fresh, reliable data is a...

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