Data analytics and ML for advertising and marketing technology

Harness the power of big data and AI to improve audience targeting, 
ad conversion rates and the return on ad spend

Massive scale, real-time insights and optimized advertiser and marketer outcomes are all focus areas for brands, agencies and leaders in the advertising and marketing technology ecosystem.

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform gives analytics and data science teams the flexibility and agility to adapt quickly while delivering real-time insights, from audience targeting and personalized ads to bid optimization and yield management.
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Leading brands and ad agencies use Databricks to drive performant marketing



Delivering revenue-generating experiences with data and ML



Using Data + AI to deliver the
right offer at the right time



Creating a personalized
experience with ML



Contextual digital advertising at
scale with data and analytics

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Why Databricks for advertising and marketing technology

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Real time + batch

Make better decisions with real-time data. Manage yield more effectively using real-time advertising engagement metrics. Drive monetization based on a better understanding of segmentation, messaging and tactical performance.

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Data team collaboration

Enable data teams to collaborate. Data silos and non-shareable data tools slow down data scientists, engineers and analysts, resulting in slower speed to market for innovation. Databricks’ collaborative workspace for data and AI means continuous, fast innovation.

operational agility icon

Scale up or down

Easily integrate new ad experiences. Use Delta Lake to easily merge and overlay new ad experiences, creating a holistic view of the consumer for better optimization of marketing investments.

Use cases

From driving subscriber acquisition and predicting churn to making smarter production and content acquisition decisions, Databricks helps media companies understand their audience and content better than ever.

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Agency and ad tech ops

Helping companies manage margin on work and add data-focused rigor to their operations.
Client profitability

Margin analysis

Sales forecasting

Talent retention
Predictive resource utilization

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Media performance

Track campaign efficacy, channel performance and leverage recommendations to remediate underperformance.
Client profitability

Planning and media mix modeling

Multitouch attribution
Campaign performance and optimization
Taxonomy recommendations

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Creative optimization

Understand how creative is resonating during campaign execution and streamline work for creative teams.
Advanced segmentation
A/B testing

Content performance

SEO performance

Creative workflow optimization

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