Implementing More Effective FAIR Scientific Data Management With a Lakehouse

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Data powers scientific discovery and innovation. But data is only as good as its data management strategy, the key factor in ensuring data quality, accessibility, and reproducibility of results – all requirements of reliable scientific evidence. As large datasets have become more and more important and accessible to scientists across disciplines, the problems of big...

Security Best Practices for AWS on Databricks

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The Databrick Lakehouse Platform is the world’s first lakehouse architecture -- an open, unified platform to enable all of your analytics workloads. A lakehouse enables true cross-functional collaboration across data teams of data engineers, data scientists, ML engineers, analysts and more. In this article, we will share a list of cloud security features and capabilities...

Custom DNS With AWS Privatelink for Databricks Workspaces

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This post was written in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We thank co-authors Ranjit Kalidasan, senior solutions architect, and Pratik Mankad, partner solutions architect, of AWS for their contributions.   Last week, we were excited to announce the release of AWS PrivateLink for Databricks Workspaces, now in public preview, which enables new patterns and...

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