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Data & Applied Scientist

Online Advertising is one of the fastest growing businesses on the Internet today, with about $70 billion of a $600 billion advertising market already online. Search engines, web publishers, major ad networks, and ad exchanges are now serving billions of ad impressions per day and generating terabytes of user events data every day. The rapid growth of online advertising has created enormous opportunities as well as technical challenges that demand computational intelligence. Our team focuses on understanding and predicting how the user interacts with the ads on the search results page. The probability that a user will click on an ad is one of the most critical inputs used in ranking the ads. Similarly, the probability of interacting with the advertiser’s page is important for measuring advertiser and user satisfaction.

This position is for the modeling team, which builds machine learned models for predicting such events. The team looks at all aspects of modeling including training data, features, the actual model (neural nets, linear models, decision trees etc.) and offline and online evaluation of those models.