Media, AI/Machine learning and 5G Wireless Architect - Databricks

Media, AI/Machine learning and 5G Wireless Architect

• Research new technologies and analyze competition technologies to solve applied problems in various disciplines, including immersive media (e.g. 3DoF+, 6DoF, AR and VR, etc.), Computer Vision, Data Analytics, AI/Machine learning and 5G wireless

• Design new algorithms, review professional literature and specify solution options for emerging technologies, e.g. immersive media, machine learning/AI and 5G wireless, etc.

• Research and development of new proprietary and standardization technical solutions for next-generation video technology (H.266/VVC, MPEG-I, H.265/HEVC, AV1, etc.)

• Support Proof-of-Concept development of emerging technologies. Implement algorithm designs in software C/C++, Python, TensorFlow and Matlab

• Software development and enhancement of MPEG reference software (HEVC/H.265, AV1, VVC, etc.) for proof-of-concept and standardization contributions