Databricks Repos

Ship code faster with repository-level Git operations in Databricks

How does it work?

Standardize development across data projects

Git workflows and operations in Databricks help integrate data projects into larger software operations at your company. Pull changes, commit, compare and more, from the Databricks Repos UI or API.

Standardize development

Automated Git Workflows

Automate Git workflows

The Repos REST API enables you to integrate data projects into CI/CD pipelines. You can use popular 
CI/CD tools to call the Repos API and update a repo to the latest version of a specific Git branch.

Use your existing Git provider

Native integration with your preferred Git provider. Clone remote repos, manage branches, pull and push changes, and visually compare differences in Databricks.

Databricks repos providers

Permission settings

Repo-level access control

In addition to platform-level encryption, Repos features allow lists to control access to critical Git repositories, and secrets detection to scan for access key leaks.



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