5 Key Steps to Successfully Migrate From Hadoop to the Lakehouse Architecture


The decision to migrate from Hadoop to a modern cloud-based architecture like the lakehouse architecture is a business decision, not a technology decision. In a previous blog, we dug into the reasons why every organization must re-evaluate its relationship with Hadoop. Once stakeholders from technology, data, and the business make the decision to move the...

Augment Your SIEM for Cybersecurity at Cloud Scale

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Over the last decade, security incident and event management tools (SIEMs) have become a standard in enterprise security operations. SIEMs have always had their detractors. But the explosion of cloud footprints is prompting the question, are SIEMs the right strategy in the cloud-scale world? Security leaders from HSBC don’t think so. In a recent talk,...

Top Considerations When Migrating Off of Hadoop

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Apache Hadoop was created more than 15 years ago as an open source, distributed storage and compute platform designed for large data sets and large-scale batch processing. Early on, it was cheaper than traditional data storage solutions. At the time, businesses didn't need to run it on particular hardware. The Hadoop ecosystem also consists of...

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